What woman chooses to live with a Dishwasher?

Reading Dishwasher  and loving it.

-It reminds me of taoist monks, who would wander and pinch pennies and get free food, but never try and move beyond their station because they didn’t want to. That freedom of being outside of existence, a hermetic life of wandering the road, never settling down, and never advancing. Offers are temptations towards things he doesn’t want, doesn’t need. It’s very pure in that way, very close to the grind of everything. In the small things everything abounds. He spent his off hours reading, and it’s great to hear him talk about all the books, like some monk travelling the world penniless and without food, searching for knowledge for knowledge’s sake, reading to read, not to become something other.

-It also makes me long for zines, for the days when some random guys pens his words and it spreads across the world through word of mouth. I have a feeling this is something big we’ve lost with the internet. Blogs can’t replace it, even though at first glance they have the same function,  something is missing. Maybe because most blogs are set up as propaganda machines, the people who blog them these days are doing it to get attention. While he was just writing to communicate, to talk to people, he wasn’t interested in promoting himself, or some cause, or anything like that. He was out to communicate to other people in his community, he was like a lampost in the dark. Most zines were like that, they knew what they were. Passioned, about a community, not about fame, not about becoming something greater. He turned down television and newspaper interviews, and when people claimed he was a writer who did dishes, he corrected them, said it was the other way around.

I don’t know if we can go back to that. The internet seems to be all about fame seeking, about money making. It’s like everyone is out there shouting, trying to get a book deal or a movie deal or a record deal or get their novels funded, or their video games funded, and the passion seems to be slowly seeping out of it.

Grab the book, read it, relish it. It’s from a time that just doesn’t seem real anymore.


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