genre fans, we need to talk.

You have to cut it out, every time I see someone going on and on about how “literary people look down us” it’s almost always followed by elitist bullshit on the sides of the genre people. Saying how literary fiction is “the emperor without clothes” (eg: confusing on purpose, but without any real context), or that genre fiction is better at plots (which basically means they define plot as a narrow set of concepts told to them in genre writing workshops, and if it falls outside of that, it isn’t a plot, not really), or that snobby literary fiction is all style over substance.  This is a form of elitism, call it blue collar elitism, whatever. The idea is still the same- refusing to read something that falls outside of your narrow selected list of pre-approved canon, calling anything with genre tropes written by an outsider “not real genre fiction”, or looking down on anyone that tries to experiment, tries to push boundaries, try do anything unique and interesting.

And you attack and attack and attack, you sling slurs and insults, you call out racist remarks, you demean women, you insult them, you pretty much set out to prove every single day that your beloved self-imposed ghetto is really just fiction for little boys who mentally are still in a pre-pubescent state. You know why I’m barely been seen in these parts for awhile? Because outside of this little self-imposed fandom, no one cares. I get published elsewhere and I don’t have to deal with all the drama and bullshit that comes slinking out of the gutter to demean what I do. Oh no, I used poetical language, oh no my stories are surreal and don’t have a strict A->B type of plot, oh no, oh no, oh no. You know what? No one outside of this little corner of the internet cares.

And don’t even get me started on the emphasis of money- for a section of writing that prides itself on it’s outsider status, there is more of a focus on earning some little tiny sliver that’s barely anything (five cents a word? Aha. Yeah. That’s worth it) than any other writing community out there. Money, money, money, and being a writer that pushes and creates and advances things doesn’t matter, great writing that’s like being punched in the face doesn’t matter- the only thing that seems to matter is how much you’ve earned. The more you’ve earned, the more respect you have in the genre community. It’s a big pyramid scheme, a giant circle jerk of people trying their damndest to boil out all the interesting and keep pushing the same old same old in order to earn a buck to earn respect.

To hell with it, I say. Fuck you.


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