Sparkplug teeth and dynamite tongues

That’s it, that’s it that’s it that’s it

There is too much noise out there about money and business and what fads are popular and how to chase the latest hot genre Y and what to do when you get on a radio show and how to promote X and how to become a business of writing and writing as an Industry and books as Commodity and that’s just it fucking hell

I’m going to fight this shit with my blog every day, I’m going to take down the stupid pithy writing how to’s every day, I’m going to promote good weird shit whenever I can, stuff that you’ll probably gloss over, stuff that you probably never heard of, weird comics, strange books, small presses, interesting anthologies, stuff that is basically off beat, off the wall and is made with no consideration of money or platform or business, about selling units about how to make a million dollars, about any of that.

We need to stand up and say enough of this shit. Social Media is a hellhole right now of people pushing agendas and talking about how writer X is so inspiring and helps them make so much money by creating sock puppets on amazon and oh amazon we need to get X number of amazon reviews we need to get Y number of good read reviews and we need to get this and that and fake buzz is so much more interesting and measurable than real buzz.

What should be a tool of connectivity, of getting writers together to bullshit about what we do, has become a landscape of selfhelp gurus that will sell you the keys to bestsellerdom, about people cranking on and on about the same lists of what to do and what not to do, and that’s just enough. Fuck it. I’m going to rage about this, scream about it, until they burn from my words, and I’m going to find hidden gems that deserve to be seen and show them to you. Because that is what this should be about, what this is about. It’s not about business or “if I help X popular writer, maybe they’ll help me!”, it’s about finding love in an unseen book and giving it to the world.


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