sock puppet punch

First, to be honest I’m not shocked. To put it plain and simple, the big movers and shakers that everyone idolizes in the KDP/Self Publishing cult are all very confrontational. Their attitude, the way they talk, the way the post, the way the blog, etc, has an air of superiority and confrontation, and Konrath is the worse.  They’ve become self important, they have no real arguments (well, their rhetoric is basically a bunch of strawmen without facts) and when you question them they bully and bully and bully and go into attack mode, attacking anyone who tries to have a different opinion.

One thing that bothers me the most is in one of these articles (I can’t remember which one) said something about learning from American Publishing- where do you think this noise and nonsense got started? They got started here. We’ve been dealing with this shit for a long time now, and I want to say it’s got to stop, but will it stop? How will it stop? Amazon and the rest don’t seem to want to actually do anything about the abuses of their platforms.  Why would they? It’s not financially beneficial to them.

One thing that really bothers me about all this is the willful blindness that a lot of people part of the “revolution” are doing. They are either ignoring or even at the worst, backing these people up and holding them up as heroes. These people are not your heroes. They are bullies and assholes and idiots. They are basically single handedly destroying literature. This is not indie. How can you compare yourselves to indie music, indie art, indie comics, etc, when you’re just in it for the money? How can you compare yourselves to indie films, etc, when you are not doing anything interesting, artistic, strange, offbeat, different, edgy, bombastic? How can you be indie when you’re just putting out more of the same, more of what everyone else is doing, in hopes to make it rich?

Still, it frustrates me to no end to see what publishing has turned into post-2008. This is not a revolution. This is just a bunch of virtual bullies and scam artists.


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