why is it always about the dollah dollah bills for these people?

“Stephen seemed to concentrate on value in purely financial terms, and with his use of words like “punters” and “units” it was occasionally easy to forget we were talking about books at all. I’m sure he doesn’t really think like this, but it came across at times as though his readership was some kind of bovine factory farm that needed to be milked in the most efficient manner possible. At a festival full of passionate readers, the response to that was always going to be chilly. It is a business, of course – but to many writers, readers and publishers, books do mean considerably more than that. Conspicuous by its absence in the discussion was any passion whatsoever for storytelling and reading, even though it was precisely that passion that had brought the audience there in the first place.”

It’s so weird. It’s like, reading what this guy talked about you could almost follow the trail of blogposts like breadcrumbs that led him to thinking just like this. Take some Doctorow, sprinkle in some Konrath- and voila! Look at me ma! I’m a success!  Why are you booing me? Don’t you envy me? Don’t you want to know the keys to how I made it rich? Don’t you want to know my pyramid scheme of books? Why aren’t you applauding me!  You all want to be me! WAAAAAAHHHHH


2 thoughts on “why is it always about the dollah dollah bills for these people?

  1. I find it really interesting that so many self published authors claim that publishers are bad because they restrict their artistic freedom, and still they talk 95% about how much money they are going to make.

    Seriously, if the books are so commercially viable as they make them out to be, I don’t think any of the “big six” would have any problems publishing them.
    Or on the other hand, if they are so artistically groundbraking, I don’t think there’s a chance they will make any money when released to the public.

    And, yes! Almost all pro-self publishing arguments can be traced back to Konrath, and the few others like him, or in many cases straight to Amazon’s press releases. Even when presented with facts that show these arguments to be false, they will just keep on repeating them.
    They call published authors sheep, but I see very little independent thinking.

  2. I agree, wholly. On one hand they claim that publishing is keeping them out, but on the other hand all they talk about is money and dirty tricks.

    All I can think is that this is passing fad. A community as rabid as this can’t hold itself afloat, eventually, it will fade away.

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