The way puzzles fall apart and push back together again

I notice I go through phases with my writing, and each phase adds something and takes away something old, and makes something different and changes things. It’s an evolution of style, of moving words and changing things around. I had my minimalist period with stuff like Glass Coffin Girls, where the writing was short, straight, to the point. Small sentences. Lots of fragments. Words that were simple. Nothing complex.

Then there was the moments in Open Your Eyes where things were bombastic, and the language was larger than life! And everything was being propelled forward!  And then there were long rambling sentences, like in Angelwings and Finerthings and a bunch of my different short stories. And now I seem to push sentences without even trying, making them small and large and small again, repeating words and phases, turning sentences into paragraphs, but not forcing poetics, just let the rhythm flow out and destroy itself. Other times I experiment with titles. Like for awhile, two word titles, words that were thrown together that seemed unrelated yet sparked an intense imagery. Others are long rambling titles, where I see how far I can go before language breaks down…and other times I went through a period where I named titles after songs and sentences and fragments of poetry.

And yet each time I write I find something different, some new way to push myself and experiment. Like when I went through a cut up phase, or when I went through my phase of having characters who talk backwards, or the time when I when I tried to use



within prose to create ways or breaking things up

and creating poetry out of prose, or the times when I would have single sentences set aside so that they looked like lines of a poem. It’s all these things, all of these bits and pieces that evolve as I evolve, that change me and burn me from the inside, but that make my writing interesting to me, every single time I set out to do a project, it makes the writing something other, something bigger, something small, something interesting….


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