Things I hate in online reviews

Note- these are not just me bitching about reviews of my books. This is my going and seeking conversations for books I LOVE and finding these statements below….

  • It’s complicated and hard
  • It’s needlessly confusing
  • The author is being confusing on purpose
  • The author doesn’t explain anything
  • It’s not believable because I got lost
  • The language was complicated
  • I couldn’t follow the plot
  • There was no plot
  • Looking for plot? Not here!
  • The plot was confusing
  • The story was a mess
  • The author thinks he’s better than us
  • I say that the emperor has no clothes! This isn’t smart, it’s just nonsense
  • Nonsense
  • The author refused to make sense or help the reader out
  • Needlessly confusing
  • There is more than one Point of View! In third person! It’s confusing!
  • Just a horrible tangled mess
  • Writer X did Y better and earlier and why don’t people love him waaaaah?

Post your least enjoyed online review statements of your favorite books in the comments…


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