good stuff been reading the good stuff I’ve been reading

peeking into My Mother She Killed Me, Father He Ate Me, and it’s all nice and round and full of juicy bits. A few of the stories I’d read elsewhere in other collections, but it’s nice to have them all in one spot on my Nook. Also dipped into some nonfiction (for shame!) and read Nick Mamatas Starve Better at the complete wrong time in my life (all I could do was nod my head and say, yes, yes, I wish someone would have told me all this five, six, fifteen years ago). Also read How Fiction Works by James Wood, which is interesting in a rambling criticism kind of way, and then Plotto which is fun in a mechanical kind of way,  and then the Art of Time in Memoir and The Art of Syntax. Time in Memoir was interesting, and the Syntax one left me thinking that sometimes too much is too much in an Art of Book and it should’ve been cut down, especially with all the quoting of other works.

On the fiction front I also was assaulted by Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber which was a bloody good book. Then there was some Odd?, my first purchase from Cheeky Frawg which was Oddly satisfying for the most part. Ontop of that was IQ84 and Wild Sheep Chase and a few short stories from The Elephant Vanishes. Murakami always inspires, and I started coming up with some quirky weird ideas that were like a stone soup in my skull. I shelved them to work on later, of course, because later is always later is always later and the future shines brightest when burning away from the distance.

Also read The Mount by Carol Emshwiller which was creepy and dark and unsettling but in all the wonderful right ways, and seemed a lot like Black Beauty and all those child’s horse books broken apart and refractured through a creepy lens. Also read Gorel the Pot Bellied God by Lavie Tidhar and thought- DAMN and thought- this is weird and sword and sorcery and so not at the same time. Excellent read.

And…I think that’s it. For this month, anyway.


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