Rhythms of repetitions

One of the things I hate about workshop criticism in most of them thar places is the lack of imagination and truth and an attempt at understanding a fictive work and instead just reading off a list of flaws you can download off the internet. They peer and peak into this list and it’s a godsend type list, carved in stone that list, very much so, a ten command of a list. And one of those things? Oh noes, I did it already! No word repetitions, especially not in the same paragraph and especially not in the same sentence and especially not three times in a row! And look at all those darlings in this paragraph. I guess I have to kill them now, where did I lay that word ax? Going to do me some language chopping now, bringing these big and small words down under its hungry blade, chopchopchop, oh look more repeating words, triplets this time I guess I got to chopchopchop the chopchopchop the chopchopchop the chopchopchop

All fun aside, go here, read this:


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