More Writerly Urges

My own contrasts, my own shizophrenia-

  • I despise plot. It tries to make everything so streamlined, so simple. It gets rid of the complications, it kills the character by making them cogs in the plot wheel.
  • I love plot. It’s structure, and pieces, and parts, and architecture. It’s bones and excitement and plot twists. It’s complex and tricky and yet multi layered and smooth.
  • I hate hooks. Boiling a story down to a simple one sentence “gotcha” that’s about as relevant as an internet meme.
  • I love hooks. It’s like having a meme, for your story!
  • I hate endings. Tying things up, no loose ends, no exploration, no story beyond the story. It’s a door slamming shut.
  • I love endings. Satisfactory, denouement afterwards, falling actions, making everything into a perfect geometry of structure.  Like cubism with narrative.
  • I hate realism. Realism is a farce, is a disguise, is a fiction masquerading as fact.
  • I love realism. It explores the psyche, the truth inside of us, the problems of humanity and being human, it speaks to me in a deep, personal way.
  • I hate genre. It’s all cliches and rules and boxes and marketing.
  • I love genre. It’s got a history, and a narrative that continues backwards and forwards, existing in multiple spaces.
  • I hate experimental narratives. Flaccid characters, show off prose, nonsense and gibberish and it just overwhelms as too much.
  • I love experimental narratives. It pushes the edge, shoves you against the wall, and gives you something unique, something interesting, something beyond what you knew you were asking for.


I could go on and on and on and on and on…..


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