I was trying to think about my approach to writing, it’s not exactly surrealism (though people call it that) or magical realism (though people call it that) or any other form of ur-realism…it shares ideas with these, it shares thoughts and concepts with these different styles and movements (not genres…not everything is a genre…I hate that we slap that label on anything these days and it becomes one, becomes a rigid thing…)…

I remember reading about Murakami and Marquez saying that they believed they wrote realism, and some part of me thinks that…even though that’s not completely it. Because I do things that are pure genre tropes like with F/SF, but not all the time, just sometimes. My Weirdness exists in everything I do, it’s like the weirdness is outside of an external to the genreisms. To me, I think it’s an emotional realism, that the strange weird and dream like things contain an emotional subtext to them, that they are a way of exploring and enhancing the emotional textures within the story itself. It’s about enhancing the lightning of emotional undercurrents existing under the story itself.

So to me, the strangeness, the otherness, is all about exploring characters and the subtext that exists between them.


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