Vertigo and some things

I’ve got a bad case of vertigo, and not the Stewart kind. Just inner fun no happy times that makes it hard for me to concentrate, let alone write anything. I can walk, kind of sort of, which is better than it was earlier in the week when sitting up or moving my head gave me the joy of projectile vomiting. From the stuff I’ve read online, I might be dealing with this for awhile, sadly. Six to eight weeks or there about.

So, I’m filling the well while working and trying not to get sick. Movies and tv shows or anything like that makes me dizzy and the whole room spins so that’s out of the question. So instead I’m reading and getting ideas. Reading some Murakami I have lying around that I haven’t read yet (Wild Sheep Chase and IQ84) as well as some issues of One Story I have lying around and some other stuff. I’ve gathered some ideas in my head, something that combines surreal noir with some other things, I’m not sure yet. I’m too tilty-headed to have it be more than an inclination, a thought, a musing.


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