Pieces of nails clumps of dirt kept in a box under earth

My poet/writer/editor/ninja friend Tim Miller just sent me an awesome package in the mail- a bunch of stuff I’d written just out of Highschool, and a lot of this stuff I completely forgot about it entirely. There was some plays, a screenplay for a movie based on SteppenWolf called For Madmen Only that took place in modern days (well, the 90’s, which was current at the time) and featured all sorts of fun stuff. Including three surrealists who heckle the main character.

The play was interesting too, reading over it now, discovering how much of my writing had changed, how much had stayed the same over the years. Also, there were some poems (some were bad, some were good) and my first epic poem (Beware the Glass Rabbit which I actually am happy with, looking back, for the most part) as well as a bunch of my early attempts to mesh prose/narrative/poetry into some sort of strange short story/novel/proem hybrid. I had quite a few of those, and they were actually pretty good.

I had a huge problem back then with everything being so extreme and emotional and weeping and crying and oh the sun! Oh the sun! and all that sort of stuff. Cliche highschool stuff, I guess you could say, but also delving into philosophy and some sad attempt at mimicking the Beat writers.

Still, it was a nice gift. Time capsule of sorts.

As for the website- redesign needs a few more things- an actual links page and the bibliography links to work. But that’s for later. Was going to do it tonight, but I’m emotionally and mentally beaten to the core and strung back up together again and beaten apart again.  I’m going to try to start blogging weekly again. Although I want to do it daily, though I don’t think I can stomach that.


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