May is short story month- have some free fiction

Here are links to some of my favorite short stories I’ve written online:

Secret in the House of Smiles (Clarkesworld Magazine):
Jack cut up pictures of girls with thin razors and then glued the most pleasing body parts together onto a single white sheet of paper. 

Apple Magick (Farrago’s Wainscot):
 I blamed Chloe for their disappearance. Chloe, and those birds that used to haunt the city.

A Word Without Ghosts (Fantasy Magazine):
Wendy was wrapped in an old green blanket. She smelled the musk of it, the smell of mold-eaten clothing hovering on the edge of her awareness. She was trapped in the blanket, suffocating in the blanket.

Mr. Waterbones and His Wife (Farrago’s Wainscot):
Tarak worked day and night, his limbs falling off one by one. He would have to stop for a moment, stop and re-attach a finger or an arm, or a toe or a leg. Sometimes he would spend an hour, completely submerged in his work, only to come out and notice his ear was gone and would need to be sewn back on 

Later today, I’ll post links to favorite short stories by other authors online that I’ve read


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