Reading needs to be a dangerous, high contact sport

Pick up something and read it. Pick up anything and read it. Just grab it. Grab something you would probably never read. Grab a magazine at random. Push yourself outside of your comfort zones. Stop fucking around and saying things like, “I’m not in the mood for X”. Stop researching reviews on every book you have a glimmer of interest in. Walk into a book naked, unkowing, unsure of what to expect. Be surprised, be hammered, fall in love, fall out of love. Let the book suffocate you.

Don’t look at the covers. Look at the covers. Don’t read the first paragraph. Don’t read the blurbs on the back. Don’t see, don’t know, don’t wait. Just pick it up: experience. It might be shit. But more often than not, you’ll be surprised.


5 thoughts on “Reading needs to be a dangerous, high contact sport

  1. Man, I do dislike this over-informed age of content-consumption. You can’t buy, read, watch, or try anything unless you’ve seen it re-tweeted, Facebook-posted, blogged about, or threaded on Reddit. Oh, and whatever it is, it better not take too long to experience, ’cause I got lots more on my whatever-queue.

  2. Well, I only really cover speculative fiction and only a subset of that is available online, but I make sure that whenever I recommend a group of books/stories there’s a mechanism to click to a random work. This should send you to a random random novelette available to read online. I’d be interested to hear what you encounter.

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