Our current discourse on our perceptive realities

Some stuff I’m thinking about-

  • The internet has fragmented our experience of the world
  • We are constantly global and singular. I spend me days discussing stuff with people all across the world, instantly. Yet I never leave my chair.
  • Our conversations have been uprooted from physicality
  • Our mental landscape has also been uprooted
  • The days are spent sorting through the detritus of the internet, making sense out of the chaos that confounds us
  • We create our own patterns, our own narrative shape to this firehose of information. We use tools like blogs, feedreaders, social networks (twitter, LJ, WordPress, Google+, Facebook, etc) to harness our reality, to make sense out of our information flow
  • I asked this before, I ask this again: can traditional narrative still speak to us in the same way it did for our ancestors? Or do we need something else?
  • Anti-novel? Mosaic novel? Bits of clippings, floating objects? Essays combined with fictional text, mixture of memoir and fiction, mixture of dreams, memories, etc? Is this a better way of talking about our reality?
  • Stories feel old fashioned. The feel so…pre-millennial. The old way of seeing, having patterns fed to us…it just seems so quaint.
  • Reading J-Pod, which seems like such a cynical slant on this frame of mind. Not surprising, Coupland is cynical about every generation that’s come after his. Not Generation X? Prepare to be insulted and talked down to.
  • Was reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and everytime I get to a letter I think, people still write letters? Who still writes letters? How quaint. How old fashioned.
  • I’m thinking about shattering what a novel is…what characters are, what narratives are, what a voice is. Can we create new patterns? Can we shatter the shell of fictional discourse? I think so.
  • Plots are so archaic. When I hear about people clinging onto the concept of plot, I feel like I’m talking to a Republican. It’s such a conservative frame of mind, looking back rather than looking forward. Fear of change versus exploration of truth.
  • Fan Fiction is interesting. To me, it’s about people filling holes in narratives. They find the empty spaces between stories, the cracks of the stories, and explore them. This idea fascinates me.
  • It’s kind of like what Tom Stoppard did for Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead, but usually less existentialist and less surreal, and less influenced by Beckett
  • That is one thing I like about that play- it doesn’t follow traditional narrative boundaries. It takes a fictional narrative that is pretty much A->B->C (Hamlet) and then it fractures it by taking apart it’s context. It shows scenes out of order, and implies familiarity with the original text.
  • Anti Novel, fractured novel, dissonance. Our life is a flow of constant unfiltered information and anxiety.  Our world is shattered, filled with scars. Fiction needs to reflect this, and it can’t do that use the normal concept of plot, characters, story, voice, etc, etc, etc. It needs to break, shatter, rebuild.

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