Alice Stories

1. I wonder- is there a name for these stories?  A singular child visits a strange magical world. Where reason is gone, and everything is crazy. And they piss off the locals and barely make it back alive?
2. Singular, but sometimes maybe one or two other normal children go as well.
3. Like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Thief of Always, etc
4. Was Persephone the first Alice?
5. Poor Persephone. She eats the peach pit and is stuck married to a bored prison warden. Alice eats in her underworld and can change size and gets magical powers.
6. Super Mario Bros. Only in Japan can Alice be transformed into two Mustachiod Italian plumbers.
7. There is a pattern to these stories though. Other patterns persist. Like grooves on a record.
8. There is a resemblance to the “person trapped in fairly land” folk lores/fairy tales
9. Esp. With Persephone. Never eat goblin fruit.
10. L. Frank Baum said that “Fairy Stories were forever changed with Alice in Wonderland”. He was definitely writing an Alice pastiche with Oz. Was Barre doing the same with Peter Pan?
11. L. Frank Baum thought the future of fairy stories was the Alice model. He called them Wonder Stories
12. He wanted to take the frightening elements out of Fairy Stories. He wanted Wonder Stories to be tame.
13. Yet, ask any kid who has seen the original Wizard of Oz movie. Those flying monkeys scare the piss out of them. Nightmares.
14.Probably because of that scene where they set the scarecrow on fire.
15.Also- In the book the Tin Woodsman was a normal person. Who get a cursed ax that chops him apart, bit by bit. And then replaces himself with tin. Why did Baum think this more tame than Cinderella?
16.Was the Tin Woodsman the first Steampunk Singularity?
17.Peter Pan is the forbidden fruit. Wendy is able to leave because she resists him.
18.If Wendy ate Peter Pan, would she be trapped in Neverland? Or get super powers? Is she a Persephone? Or an Alice?
19.Dorothy never mentions food in Oz. She never eats in Oz. Oz does not have the same Goblin Fruit.
20.All Wonder stories are about Death. About adulthood. About doorways.


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