Read Online

Here are some selected stuff that you can read online for free. 


  • The Days of Talking Mountains
    Alice raised giants on the farms near the borderlands. Another surreal absurd thing with stuff inside. Sad and weird. But that’s how I roll.
  • Mister Waterbones and His Wife
    Mooka and Ook are fed up. An absurdist, surrealist, comedic take on the concept of immortality. Published in Farrago’s Wainscot in 2008.
  • Summer Cannibals
    A crime short story, published in the Big Click in 2014.  About text adventures, video games, cult kidnapping, Satanic Panic, and a heist involving programmers.
  • Secret in the House of Smiles
    An experimental short story about college life and quantum physics. Originally published in Clarkesworld in 2009 and then reprinted in Glass Coffin Girls in 2010.
  • A Word Without Ghosts
    A short story about Peter Pan as a bear, memories as magic and a world of graveyards and abandoned train stations. Published in Fantasy Magazine in 2008.
  • The Adventures of Petal, the Paperdoll Pirate
    A short story about a paperdoll pirate, searching for her creator, in a watercolor world. There are paper plate monsters and all popsicle stick cannibals. Published in Fantasy Magazine in 2008.



  • Sex, Guns and Semiotics
    A review of Every Love Story is a Ghost Story over at one of my favorite online magazines, zouch.
  • Confessions of a Red Mage
    An article about console/Japanese RPG’s of the golden age (the Nintendo, SuperNintendo, Genesis, etc). Published in Strange Horizons magazine.
  • Rebirth of Grue
    An article about the next generation of text adventure games. Published in Strange Horizons magazine.