seeing things with bright eyes

So the good news, it’s good news, and I guess I was saving it for last because well wanted to get all the nasty stuff talked about and off my chest first. Mostly because in some way the good news feels like the top of a mountain or something, standing up there with lightning in … Continue reading

all quiet here no noises here

I know I know, it seems like no activity….it seems like I dropped off the face of the earth and all that and some people know what’s going on and others don’t… It’s just been a rough patch for me in some ways, and yet a great deal of good things at the same time. … Continue reading

words are like mouths

you know it’s odd. Here I am writing a novel that I lament and strange and fight with myself over…I think it’s a brave kind of thing, because it’s not a normal kind of thing, and who in their right mind would publish this kind of thing? So I write it anyways, never knowing, wanting … Continue reading

Sometimes the hours are all broken

Like time itself is broken, clocks shattered on the floor with useless hands just pointing up through shattered glass, and time itself is leaking out in mercurial puddles. It’s days that are not days, hours that are not hours, minutes that are not minutes, seconds that don’t exist because seconds aren’t real anyway. Time is just something … Continue reading

genius death your art is done

Another liminal moment- between houses and places, packing and moving again, this last year I’ve lived so many places, five or six and yet another coming up and after that. It’s hard when you have no sense of place after having roots for a decade or so, everything just kind of feels like water, all … Continue reading